The Institute
The Institute for Biblical Textual Studies was founded as an extension of Dr. David Otis Fuller's ambition to address the version issue and textual debate on a broader scale. The Institute is committed to:
The immediate, verbal, plenary inspiration of the original writings of Scripture and that they are therefore infallable. This inspiration is unique, applicable to both the process of giving the original writings themselves which are the product.
• The verbal preservation of the Greek New Testament as published by Theodore Beza, 1598, and currently published by the Trinitarian Bible Society, London, England.
• The verbal preservation of the Traditional Masoretic Hebrew Text of Daniel Bomberg, as edited by Jacob ben Chayim.
• The position that translation is not an inherent boundry to verbal preservation. The breath of God, product, not process, conveyed by translation from the immediatly inspired language copies of Scripture into any providentially prepared receptor language will impart to that translation infallible authority and doctrinal inerrancy inherent in the original language copies. Such a translation by the internal witness of the Holy Spirit, both with and through that translation, will evidence to the believer its own self-attestation and self-authentification whereby God asserts himself as the supreme Authority to that culture. For the English speaking world this revelation of God's authority is preserved in the Authorized Version also called the the King James Version of the Bible.

IBTS serves to meet the needs of pastors and laymen in areas relating to the textual debate by means of personal correspondence, book publishing, literature sales and disstribution.

Our primary mission is to publish and distribute the most reliable literature that is available to the Christian public. The Bible defense trilogy of edited works by David Otis Fuller titled: WHICH BIBLE?; TRUE OR FALSE?; and COUNTERFEIT OR GENUINE?, along with TREASURY OF EVANGELICAL WRITINGS are the books we publish in addition to a variety of pamphlets. We also distribute a list of literature sources we regard as reliable.

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